CEO Search services

“C” Level search is something that not all executive recruitment or senior executive search companies attempt and are successful in. The simple reason is that a “C” level mandate is given out selectively as it may be extremely sensitive and confidential in nature, secondly approaching & engaging the “C” executive / leadership candidates in a career discussion is a fine art in itself.

The senior management / “C” level in any organization are the leaders who have the vision and driving the organization forward confidently toward it’s goals. They are highly accomplished professionals in any industry, they have been entrusted with the highest responsibility of leading & steering the organization into unchartered territory and scaling new peaks.

Being one of the top executive search firms globally, we @ GoWIN Search give a lot of attention and care for CEO search services. Whenever a client gives us a CEO search mandate or any other “C” level mandate, we ask a lot of questions, we invest in researching about the client’s background and need, only when the need is clearly understood and role definition well established do we even accept the CEO search or “C” level search mandate.

We fully understand that a CEO search mandate is a combination of identifying the right candidate through industry connects, strong & specific research on potential CEO candidates, candidates not actively searching for CEO Jobs, clear assessment of skill & leadership competency, deep background & reference verification process, hours of building a strong rapport – mostly face to face with the potential CEO / “C” level candidate (passive candidates who are not actively searching for CEO Jobs) and finally bringing them to the discussion table with the client.

Many clients have retained us not only for the CEO search services but also for continued management consulting, leadership consulting, CFO search services, COO search services, senior executive coaching services, senior executive and senior management competency assessment services. Once we have worked with the board to bring in the senior management team, the senior management team usually works closely with us to consult with the next level of leadership hiring.

CEO search mandates in startup companies are uniquely challenging, we bring out our best capabilities for “C” level hiring into start-up companies. A startup is a womb of creation, a dream weaving machine, a grand possibility of a grand vision of the founders. CEO search for a startup is a very exciting project for us, we fully understand that the startup may not have a big brand to attract the top “C” level, they may be on a shoestring budget, they may not be able to offer the corner office to the senior executive who they want to hire, they may not be sure on the profitability and sustainability of the entire business model… but in spite of all these challenges as GoWIN search team members, we will be the first one to raise our hands to work on any “C” level mandate with a startup, beyond everything we understand the challenges that a startup goes through…our entire team gathers tremendous motivation and focus while working to support a startup, simply because we love to play a small part in making a startup founding team’s grand vision into a great possibility. We know people are a company’s biggest asset, the leaders and the “C” level are the strongest pillars.

Some key qualities we look for in a “C” level candidate are strong leadership qualities, excellent track record of handling and growing P&L / companies over the years, deep industry knowledge and domain understanding, clear business fundamentals, good people management skills, visionary with an exceptional entrepreneur mindset.

Among several senior management search firms, CEO search firms, CFO search firms, management search consultants, Senior executive search and recruitment companies globally, GoWIN search is uniquely positioned to handle “C” level mandates, we understand this space well and we go the extra mile to bring top global “C” executives to discussion with relentless pursuit.