Sales & Leadership hiring

As one of the top executive search firms, GoWIN Search – which is among the top executive search firms globally is a specialist when it comes to Sales hiring – globally. Sales hiring needs a lot of expertise and industry connect, because very few top performing sales candidates are actively searching for roles through public domains like portals or social media.

Technology sales professionals are among the most sought after professionals globally. A talented Sales professional is a consistent rainmaker for the organization. Whether it’s a new business development role, account leadership role, client relationship or client engagement role, a technology sales professional can rely on one of the top executive search firms internationally – GoWIN search, Our Sales hiring team is well connected in the industry and adept at sourcing the right technology Sales professional for any such requirement.

Within the technology space, there are many top executive search companies, sales recruitment companies, international executive search companies and international recruitment agencies, however GoWIN search is a leading niche focused player in the technology sales hiring space. Our key differentiators are that most of our top customer engagements are in the Sales hiring area, our search consultant and recruitment team have a strong background and track record in closing key Sales positions with technology majors globally.

Over the years our senior partners have worked with IT services majors, IT product companies, technology solutions and consulting companies globally on Senior Sales leadership mandates and successfully closed several sales positions internationally. Today GoWIN search is among the top executive sales recruitment firms internationally, our top Sales leadership candidates today work with MNCs in USA, Canada, UK & Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia pacific including Australia.

Our executive recruitment consultants understand the challenges that technology startups and SME face in hiring sales leadership candidates. Even top international recruitment firms in the world find it challenging to close these mandates with startups and SMEs.