Technology hiring services

The world of technology is always in action, some new and emerging technology trends are constantly disrupting old ones and creating new business avenues. It’s an exciting industry to be, ever changing and ever challenging. Hiring leaders in the technology space means dealing with some of the brightest & highly talented individuals.

At GoWIN Search – one of the top executive search firms globally, with Senior partners having several decades of combined technology industry experience, we are best poised to support the tremendous growth that is being experienced in the technology leadership hiring space.

Some key technology leadership mandates handled by GoWIN search – one of the top executive search firms globally, we have recently handled and successfully started our candidates are – Senior data scientists in the United States, banking technology leaders in Singapore & Middle East, practice leaders & delivery leaders across technology companies in India.

We @ GoWIN Search – one of the top executive search firms globally, approach technology leadership positions very differently from other IT recruiting firms and regular recruitment companies. Regular recruitment companies see the opportunity in the technology space, the focus with regular recruitment companies is that they focus highly on quick closure of the open position, skill matching is done and the interview is set up. Our approach is to understand the client and candidate needs clearly, assess the technology competency of the leadership candidate through a technology advisory panel, assess the leadership skills through values based assessment methods, take them through a mentoring and leadership career guidance roadmap based on their strengths before presenting their candidature to our trusted global technology clients.

With decades of technology industry experience, we understand that a technology professional and leader need the following key ingredients in their career: a technology challenge that will keep them on their edge, a leadership challenge to guide their team to success from project to project, a creative or innovative technology challenge that will keep them awake and challenge their technology acumen.

Being one of the top executive search firms globally is a huge responsibility and opportunity at the same time, as we have access to the “C” level and Senior technology leadership decision makers, we receive strategic technology leadership hiring mandates.

Startup companies who want to hire some of the top technology leaders have approached us. We have not only helped them hire the best technology leader at the “C” level, but we have also worked on ramping up entire technology teams on a project to project basis, this was done under very tight timelines and in a niche technology space.